While development in technology is constantly making huge leaps with new exciting devices being invented, adrenaline seeking people find ways to compete and use high-end gadgets for racing purpose - same with the JD Drone GP - one of the world's leading international drone racing championships, pushing the latest flying technology to its limits!
Ready for the high seas? This episode will navigate the audience through the world of inshore, offshore and foiling sailing, introducing its disciplines, history and ground breaking sailors.
Red Bull PlayStreets is the ultimate event in urban slopestyle skiing, with 18 athletes taking on a specially constructed course in the centre of Bad Gastein, Austria. Get the lowdown on everything that's set to go down right here.
The world’s best surfers gather in Oahu, Hawaii, United States, and the world-famous Banzai Pipeline for another year of high-profile, high-stakes contest surfing.
The world’s best freerunners go head to head in a battle of style and acrobatic skill. Contestants are judged on flow, technical difficulty and creativity.

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